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The Space
The gallery space is split into three sections, each with its own dynamic. The domestic nature of the layout is such that you can curate a show that is either surprising or seductive. There are large expansive wall areas and small niche areas. In total the area is a approximately 500 square feet.
Room 1 of the gallery benefits from a large spacious window area with a raised dais plus a large facing wall. Room 2 has good even light on all of the wall areas. Room 3 has a very high ceiling so the lighting is on a lowered tracking system ensuring good coverage night or day. This room is the largest and lends a level of gravitas to the work installed.
There is a telephone and wireless internet access in room 1 only.
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The Service

We provide the installation team, working as close as possible to your vision, but also pointing out the occasional pitfalls or possible advantages.

We have a professional design team who are happy to work with you on invites, advertising etc, as well as source cost effective print services.

We will help you notify related press and media and if you wish, invite potential buyers and interested parties from our invite list.

Finally, we can reduce your mailing costs by utilising our Franking Machine.
The Staff
The gallery is open from 10.30am until 7.00pm Monday to Friday and until 6.00pm on Saturdays.

A member of staff will be on site at all times during these hours and will happily answer questions on the work if a description is provided.

In addition, we will staff one evening private view (until 9.00) per rental-week. Refreshments and drinks at hirers expense.

To Book Email: info@galleryhire.org           Tel: 020 7486 0532

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